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Tips to Follow in Choosing your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers plays a big role for helping you to open the door of your garage without you going from your car. Though this could potentially happen, you may not be able to deserve it if you make the wrong purchase for the unit.

This is going to mean that for you to acquire the best results and the best investment return, you should purchase the right units. To help you in this case, below are the guide to how you will be able to find the right garage door opener.

The very first thing to which you should do would be to measure the height and width for your door through a tape measure. When you consider measuring your door, it is important that when your door is 10 feet wide and is 8 feet tall, it is said that you have a single-car door. It case your door is larger is more than 10 feet, you have a double-car garage door. You also should take note on the material that the door is made from.

After you have made the measurements with the height and width of the door, it is best that you head to the stores and look for an opener which has a horsepower that is suitable to your door. When your door is measured like the ones stated above, it is best to buy an opener that has a horsepower motor of 1/3 . This motor also could be utilized for the standard steel un-insulated double-car garage doors.

If in case you have a wooden or have an insulated double-car door that is 8 feet in height and is 16 feet in width, you should consider an opener which comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor. When the door is also 16 feet wide, it is best to buy 3/4 horsepower opener.

The model of the opener to which you wish to purchase is really important, which is the reason why you must consider this important thing. If in case you have a single-car door, you can opt for an opener that’s driven by a chain, belt or screw. The belt and screw driven openers are in fact the ones to which are mostly being compared with chain openers. Though chain openers have such flaw, they are however easier to repair and install.

These would be the important considerations in the selection process for a garage door opener. For the installation process of your opener, always consider hiring the right professionals. See to it also that when you buy your opener, buy it from a reputable store.
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