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How to Choose your Air Duct Cleaning Firm Getting air ducts cleaned properly is really essential and that this is a part of a mold removal for the overall remediation process. It is essential that you avoid the spread of molds in your air conditioning system any further than where they are already without spreading this throughout your property. If the cleaning will be done improperly, it is going to increase the growth of mold and is not going to eliminate it. An important thing that you need to do when you hire an air duct cleaning company is to consider looking at their equipment which they will use to clean your air ducts. If the service provider will remove the vents and push a vacuum hose inside it that comes with a brush on it as far as they can ever reach, the sports which are not sucked into the hose will fall to the room and is going to remain the ductwork which is going to be blown to areas when the AC will be used again. An air duct cleaning such as this one may not be harmful when there’s no contamination, but when mold spores are present, this will just make matters worse. By hiring a reputable company that uses proper cleaning equipment’s which maintains a strong vacuum pressure on the overall AC system during the entire process is really important. By using proper cleaning equipment’s, it will help in maintaining a strong vacuum pressure for the AC system during the time where it’s necessary.
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Air ducts comes out from the plenum, which actually is a large box that is attached to your AC. Correct cleaning procedures entails on the use of a large hose from high volume, HEPA filtered vacuum to an opening in the plenum. Aside from all of these, the other vents will be sealed off before air powered whips or brushes will be fed through its air duct to the plenum. Any of the mold spores, debris and dust which are knocked loose are sucked up to the hose, filtered and is then removed from the home.
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It is very important to do thorough cleaning for the evaporator coils because it collects dusts over time. Dusts and moisture which condenses on the coils is a good area for molds to breed and the air blowing over the coils comes out from the vents. There are some lower-priced air duct cleaning companies you could find, but they are mostly the ones that doesn’t have the HVAC license necessary to gain access to the coils or plenum on an HVAC system. Without any certification, you will not be able to get guarantees that the cleaning is going to end in a successful way.