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A Guide to Accent Reduction Training It is not only for those who want to be good in speaking English that American accent training is given to people. People who are used to speaking in native language want to express themselves in English yet accent training is not also mainly for them. The accent training is not also mainly geared toward improving your English vocabulary. When you get into this training, it is assumed that you have already had some skills as if it is already your second language. There are customized accent modification programs provided by this training so that you can manage and fine tune how you pronounce English words.
A Simple Plan: Skills
If you compare yourself with a native speaker, yes, your grammar is perfect but when you listen to how you say it in comparison, it is utterly different. You may be saying all the right words but with an accent communication sometimes get affected when you are talking with friends or workmates.
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A professional trainer however knows for example that the problem many times falls in pronouncing the long and the short vowel incorrectly. Sometimes too the accent does not fall on the correct syllable. In other words, accent modification does not try to eliminate your accent, it simply tries to reduce them so that you can pronounce the word correctly. With accent reduction training you will have greater confidence speaking the English language. So when there are opportunities to interact with people on a professional or personal level, you will no longer be nervous to communicate your thoughts because by then you would have been fluent in speaking and can be understood because you are properly pronouncing your words lessening embarrassing situations and the possibility that people will laugh at you. Being able to pronounce words properly will give you confidence to be more spontaneous in communicating your ideas with great accuracy so that you can impress those who are listening to you. Therefore, after accent reduction training, you will be freed from situations where people stare while you speak because they are not understanding anything that you are telling them and they are getting confused. The more times you need to repeat the more frustrating it becomes and the more annoying it is also to the person you are talking to. Yes, the accent hurts your job search or your business opportunity. It hurts because accent makes it difficult for a speaker to establish credibility. The reason why it is hard for people to believe in those who have an accent is not because you have an inferior race or nationality but your position in your race. And because we live in an age when it is socially unacceptable to pass judgement based on culture or skin culture, discrimination is widespread against people who speak English or any kind of language with a foreign accent.