The 10 Best Resources For Marketing

Important Things to Know about Marketing and Consumers Behavior

Many are mistaken to think that marketing is just for some talented people and cannot be done by anybody else. if you combing natural talent and learnt talent then the distinction becomes more clear. To quote Marcus Buckingham “strengths are not activities you’re good at, they’re activities that strengthen you.” and the problem really lies on the fact that very few of us even know what our strengths actually are.

And this is how it works – you default thinking, feeling, and doing patterns is you natural ability, and when you spend time in your strength, it makes you do your best because it gives you energy, helps you find your flow, and gives you an advantage in the market place. Strengths are what differentiates a person over another, and people grow more in their strengths that in their weaknesses. Many people today, however, are not making use of their strengths but most of the time they play our their weaknesses. This means that we spend more time in that which makes us weak then that which makes us strong. However, when one focuses on his strength, that person is more engaged.

Therefore, in any customer-driven organization, what feeds marketers can be everywhere found in any department, that includes product research and development. The meaningfulness of your product to certain customers, the place where your market rest, and the real industry where your business belongs are all included in this feed. In the eye of a customer, the company strength is not found when the concerns or aims of two different departments in the company are incompatible. You cannot pass this on to them so that it would start to evolve to others also.

Interaction with customers is also another key focus in marketing, and specific tools are used to do that. These tools can be used to engage individual customers and it also allows them to respond immediately. Today, it is no longer the voice of the manufacturers and the service providers, but rather the voice of its customers. So if you are not quick to respond to the negative feedback of your customers then they will drive them to your competitor.

Not all marketing efforts produce big returns, but those that do contribute to revenue, bottom-line profit and service that aids in customer retention and loyalty cannot be downplayed. The idea of one time buying has never been so befouled over the fact that it is cheaper to retain that one-time buyer than to spend all your resources to find a new one.