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The Procedures to Delivering Flowers to Your Door Flowers fall under the category of the most perishable goods. For the flowers to be delivered to the end customer without delays, there have to be very stringent measures to ensure that the supply chains are perfect. Among the reasons as to why there should not be delays in the process is due to the fact that their withering leads to massive loss. A delay affects the whole system due to the fact that as the farmer loses money he has invested in farming, the retailer loses potential customers as they try to seek for the product elsewhere. A logistics delay on the other end may make the whole container wither where the flowers are not well packed. In cases where the refrigeration system may break down, a delay of fixing the issue may also lead to massive losses. A company that has invested in flowers may incur heavy losses the moment its refrigeration failed. The flowers in question may also lose value the moment they overstay in the farm. This complex system of harvesting transporting, packaging and further taking flowers to the doorstep of the recipient demands a clear path of communication. Everyone in the supply chain has a role to play and more so the retailer or the florist who ensures flowers reaches the end customer.
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In cases where the retail florist delivers flowers to the customer, he or she must ensure a website or a telephone number through which he or she can be reached. As a result of the display on the website, the customers gets convinced to place an order of a bouquet of flowers. Due to his or her role to ensure he or she convinces the customers, a florist at the retail stand happens to be the most important individual in the who supply chain. In actual fact, all the other stakeholders depend on him or her to pay them all. It is in this line that they must meet the requirements of the florist as a retailer and also ensure they provide to him or her the best.
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The retailer florist has a role as well which he or she must play. He or she must make sure he or she uses methods that he or she will sell flowers to the final consumer. As a result, most florists are aware that most clients want goods delivered right to their door. One may not advertise wonderful bouquets of flowers and end up delivering withered ones. In addition to advertising, the packaging must meet the standards of the customer as he is actually the overall boss in the whole supply chain. The flowers as well must also be as fresh as possible. They will also use all mechanisms to ensure the flowers in question do not wither an inch.