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Ammonia Refrigeration Systems: A Guide Since the 19th century, ammonia has been one of the trusted refrigerants. There are those who are in the food preservation as well as the industrial plants who are well aware of ammonia as a refrigerant of choice because of the thermodynamic properties that this possesses. You can know more about this on your research. It is due to the environmental concerns and the new F-gas regulation that force the scientist and refrigeration technicians to take serious look at those natural refrigerants like air, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and other alternatives for industrial refrigeration. Anybody who is involved in preservation of food and the industrial process plants are well aware about the ammonia as a type of refrigerant of choice due to the unparalleled thermodynamic characteristics. Since this was able to pass the test of time for several years, this is one of the best choices and this is able to receive attention in so many areas of application where it was never realized earlier. You can now find several companies which have become popular in ammonia refrigeration components and they continue to permit a safe as well as an energy-efficient application for ammonia refrigeration.
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In the refrigeration systems that are large, such as in the food processing facilities, a very common option of refrigerant is ammonia. There are three reasons for this. One is that ammonia’s physical properties do make it really efficient and effective for the large systems. Also, such would break down in the environment really quickly and reduces the potential environmental impact too. Any accidental release or spill can be quickly identified due to the strong odor of ammonia.
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IIAR system says that three to ten percent more efficient as compared to the other competitive refrigerants out there. This permit the ammonia-based refrigeration system to achieve a similar cooling effect while utilizing less power. Due to this reason, the ammonia refrigeration can really help lower long-term cost in operation . The ammonia would break down in the environment so quickly which just allows less than a week to stay in the air. Unlike the synthetic refrigerants such as CFCs, this doesn’t result to damage in the ozone layer. The potential harm of ammonia is just because of the high concentration in one place and not because of its leakage into the environment. As a matter of fact, ammonia is usually sprayed on the fields as fertilizer in industrial farming. The presence of ammonia is recognized because of the pungent smell when it is 20 ppm in the air. There are refrigerants which you won’t get to notice when it is leaked into the air but you should know that this is not the same with ammonia.